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Restaurant Evidence is improving almost every single day

Restaurant Evidence is improving almost every day and we are, with your feedback, constantly evolving in a place dedicated to the pleasure around the table.
Our goal is clear and straight forward: serving a good meal in a nice place!
In order to do so, and certainly because we appreciated their expertise and knowledge, we asked to the “Modern Shapes Gallery “ (for the ceramics-art)  and the “Raf van Severen Gallery” (for the paintings) if they wanted to express themselves in a little space we could dedicate to the art they promote.

We love their choices and enthousiasme ! They are discreetly adding a beautiful vibe to the Evidence biotop. You will find the links on our page. Go and see their gallery, it is worth it !

We really hope you enjoy, enjoyed or will enjoy what we do and hope to see you very soon.

Kind regards
Evidence team

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